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MONACO Champagne is a unique champagne,Origins can be traced back to the 18th century,it has a century-long tradition of brewing process. In establishing the positioning in "haute couture" Champagne, Production process cumbersome and complicated, Showing a beautiful golden color, Bring indescribable pleasure.


Exclusive growing areas
MONACO champagne grape growing area is located in Monaco, Here because of the soil and climate, Unique taste grapes produced here
Fermentation process
After the grapes are picked each year through the selection and juice,After three long fermentation,The champagne pure no impurities,The bartender repeatedly taste,Regulate the content of different components,Thus the achievements of the finest champagne MONACO status
Oak storage
MONACO all the champagne will be placed in oak barrels to produce their own 6-18 months. Oak is the best containers for the storage of fine wine, all aged in oak barrels over the wine, except for the grape itself with the characteristics, the variety aroma and bouquet, it also gives drinkers one or vanilla or coffee the pleasant aroma.

Classic bottle type

MONACO champagne bottle is a change from the classic Burgundy bottle,Bottle narrow shoulder,Bottle rounder,After a special matte processing。Cork is a seven layer of closed type design,It can be tightly sealed bottle reality.


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